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Carpenter Bros. Funeral Directors

We offer religious and non-religious funeral and memorial options. Get in touch with Carpenter Bros. Funeral Directors today.

Type of Funeral

Where a family would like a religious funeral ceremony, much of the preparation of the content of the ceremony is often arranged directly with the celebrant. This will include deciding on:


  • The people who will take part and the things they will do

  • Favourite hymns or music

  • Readings, poetry and prayers

  • The removal

  • The committal


Carpenter Bros. are available to provide support and advice to the family as they decide how they would like the funeral ceremony to take place. Where a family would like a religious ceremony for their loved one, but does not have a link with a church or other place of worship, we can assist in making the necessary arrangements. We are also able to assist with advice on:


  • Popular hymns and music

  • Suggested scripture readings and poetry

  • Musicians and singers

  • The design and print of a Mass booklet or Order of Service

  • Recording of a favourite piece of music to be played at the ceremony

  • Church flowers and floral tributes


If you would like a religious ceremony to take place at a location other than a church or other place of worship, we will work with you to locate the best location for your needs and a celebrant. We will also help you to agree the content of the ceremony providing as much advice as is required.


For more information or to talk to one of our experienced funeral arrangers, please call or email us.  We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

  • Who to notify
    Immediately following the death, you should notify the next of kin and the deceased’s family doctor (GP). You should also notify a funeral director, who will help you with the funeral arrangements and guide you through the decisions which need to be made. Carpenter Bros. are available to assist 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Simply call us on 0599117287. Most people die of natural causes. However, if the death is sudden and unexpected, the Gardaí and Coroner may need to be informed e.g. if the doctor did not see the deceased at least 28 days before the death occurred or if the doctor is unhappy about the cause of death. The Coroner will decide if a post-mortem is necessary. If after a post-mortem the cause of death cannot be established, an inquest may be held.
  • Registering the death
    To register a death, you must bring a medical certificate stating the cause of death to the Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths most convenient to you, within three months of the date on which the death occurred. The following information is required in order to register the death: Date and place of death (which must be supplied as part of the medical cause of death) Place of birth of the deceased The deceased’s gender Forename(s), surname, birth surname (if different) and address of deceased Personal public service number of the deceased (PPS Number) Civil Status of the deceased Date of birth or age at last birthday of the deceased Profession or occupation of the deceased If the deceased was married, the profession or occupation of his/her spouse If the deceased was less than 18 years of age on the date of death, the occupation(s) of his/her parent(s) or guardian(s) Forename(s) and birth surname of the deceased’s father Forename(s) and birth surname of the deceased’s mother Certificated cause of death, duration of illness and date of certificate (which must be supplied as part of the medical cause of death) Forename, surname, place of business, daytime telephone number and qualification of the registered medical practitioner who signed the certificate Forename(s), surname, qualification, address and signature of the informant If an inquest in relation to the death or a post-mortem examination of the body of the deceased was held, the forename, surname and place of business of the coroner concerned Date of registration Signature of Qualified Informant Signature of registrar More information about registering a death can be found on the General Register Office website.
  • Informing the Department of Social and Family Affairs
    If the person who died was in receipt of a social welfare payment, including a state pension, or was a dependent on another person’s payment, you will also need to inform the Department of Social and Family Affairs. More information on what to do when someone dies can be found on the Citizens Information website.
  • Death overseas
    If a loved one has passed away overseas, please contact us on T: 059 9117287 and we will make all the necessary arrangements to have their remains brought back to Ireland.
  • Funeral Flowers
    A wide range of beautiful floral tributes can be arranged and supplied by local highly experienced florist who we work hand in hand with to make sure your loved one gets the floral tribute they deserve.
  • Funeral Music
    There are many opportunities to play requested music during your loved ones wake, service and burial. We have music systems at both our funeral homes and also the facility to play music at the graveside. Most churches or funeral venues will have facilities for music and our staff will accommodate your wishes.

Get in touch with Carpenter Bros. Funeral Directors in Carlow.

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