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Carpenter Bros. Funeral Directors

At a time of great sadness, financial stress is not needed. There is support and grants out there, we can help you attain them.

Funeral Grants

Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to get assistance towards the funeral expenses under the Supplementary Welfare Allowance (SWA) scheme, which is operated by the Health Boards. No social insurance contributions are required as payment is based on the means of the person responsible for paying the funeral bill. You should apply to your local Community Welfare Officer at your local Health Centre before you pay the funeral bill, as the cheque will be issued to the undertaker/funeral director. The SWA scheme also provides for Exceptional Needs Payments in particular situations for funeral cost assistance.

Widowed Parent Grant €8000

This is available where a death occurs of a parent with dependant children.(under 18 or over if in full-time education). The Grant is paid when the widowed parent applies for the widow/widowers pension. Please view for more information on the widow surviving spouse grant.

Occupational Injuries Scheme (€850)

If a death is work related or as a result of a prescribed illness a Funeral Grant may be paid under the occupational injuries scheme. Please view for more information on the Occupational injury death grant.

Social Welfare

If a spouse or partner dies while they are receiving a Social Welfare payment such as the state pension, unemployment benefit, disability benefit etc., payments will continue to be made for 6 weeks after the death. The local Social Welfare Officer can supply more details. Please view for more information on the Social welfare payments after death.

Credit Union (from €1000)

Any qualified member of a Credit Union is entitled to receive payment from the Death Benefit scheme. Further details may be obtained from your local Credit Union. Please view for more information on the Credit Union Death Benefits.

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